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The Brooklyn Nets Drinking Game

By: Jake Henson

Everyone: this is Jake Henson’s first solo post, his first post being our awesome staff trade deadline roundtable. Enjoy!


It’s been a frustrating season in Brooklyn, no doubt. Improvement in 2014 has brought about some optimism, but it’s awfully hard to see this squad getting past the 2nd round unless a certain point guard stumbles upon a stash of Michael Jordan’s ‘secret stuff.’

I’ve found myself resigned to the inevitable and have started enjoying Nets games again for what they are, sporting entertainment. I’m trying not to dwell on results and just enjoying the quirky, fun and at times frustrating characteristics of the 2013-14 Brooklyn Nets.

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Net’s cliches

It is very common for professional sports teams to talk to the media after a game in cliches. And it’s common for a reason: the media is an obligation for players. After playing a long game and discussing it as a team, guys can’t just go home. They have to talk to the media. And after an exhausting practice, guys cannot just relax: they must chat about it to the media. Combine that with the fact that much of what teams are really doing and much of what goes on behind the scenes (flaring tempers, chemistry issues) is meant to be proprietary, and guys cannot even tell the truth anyway. So what you get is the same cliche answers from game to game — I call them canned answers — only for the guys not to follow them the next game.

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