This article represents part 3 of my series of Nets trades. The suitors here? Indiana, both Los Angeles teams, Memphis, and Miami.

On to the trades!



Nets get: Aaron Holiday, Cory Joseph, 2019 Pacers first

Pacers get: D’Angelo Russell

The Nets have an interesting dilemma with Russell. On one hand he’s clearly worth a contract going forward. On the other, Kenny Atkinson’s fourth quarter benchings of Russell are a tell that they do not trust him to close games.  As a result, they simply cannot max him and make him their anchor.  So if the max is what he is worth, a trade could be the best option.

Indiana, like many small markets (although I disagree), often takes the tact that it cannot lure free agents, and thus should use the trade market to obtain players, essentially doing free agent shopping that way.  This trade would in effect represent shopping for Russell.  Holiday is a solid young player, and the 2019 first makes the deal even better.  Joseph is a decent piece here to match salaries (and help a little in the short term).


NETS AND LAKERS (with the Kings)

Nets get: Kosta Koufos, 2019 and 2020 second rounders from Sacramento or Los Angeles

Lakers get: DeMarre Carroll

Kings get: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

This trade would constitute a success in one Nets approach we may see at the deadline: seeing if they can turn Carroll into future assets.  The deal would be about the picks; Koufos is only there to match salaries.

As for the Lakers, they would be dealing Caldwell-Pope, who they are apparently looking to move, and getting a contributor for this season.

The Lakers could balk – they seem hellbent on not surrendering any assets, except for a star.  And KCP has veto power on a deal; unless he accepts a deal to Sacramento, this deal cannot happen (although at this stage, he should prioritize playing time over destination or winning, since he needs to get paid going forward).

Still, this is the outline of a fair deal to get value for Carroll.



Nets get: Milos Teodosic and Boban Marjonovic

Clippers get: DeMarre Carroll

This is a swap of expiring deals.  Perhaps the Clippers think Carroll could help them on the wing off the bench (or at the 4) in a playoff run, and with this deal they get him without dealing pieces who play major minutes.

Boban is cult popular with fans, but the real purpose of this deal would be snagging Milos, a player the Markinson regime really liked. Milos can pass, and would fit in the Nets’ motion offense.

This deal likely only makes sense if Russell is dealt separately.  But perhaps Milos can be a piece for the Nets going forward.



Nets get: Mike Scott, and 2019 and 2021 second round picks

Clippers get: Ed Davis

I doubt the Nets do this.  I think they will value Davis over what he is worth on the market — barring the surprise of someone offering a first, or similar player value.

But this is an example of a deal where they turn Davis into value, and add a player in Scott who, as a stretch four, fits the system in the short term.



Nets get: Marshon Brooks, 2020 and 2022 second round picks

Grizzlies get: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

This is a simple deal – the Nets are turning RHJ into some future value in the way of picks, rather than paying him.  And Brooks returns to Brooklyn!



Nets get: Derrick Robinson and 2024 second round pick

Heat get: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

I would not even do this deal.  But the Heat have nothing I want except Josh Richardson, who I cannot get.  So I had to come up with something.










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