Sean Marks’ Presser: What Do His Comments Mean?

Sean Marks gave his first press conference today since the draft.

His comments regarding the roster were revealing, in terms of what is coming for Nets fans.

Here is an analysis of his quotes — and what they really mean.

On the roster as a whole:

the quotes: 1: “as we stand now, this is the group and we have no plans to make any crazy changes, whether that’s an extension or signing or trade anyone else. But things happen quickly.” … 2: obviously we want floor spacers … we’ll see if that happens … between now and training camp, or we just roll with the guys we have.”

-extra quote on a DLO extension: “for now we’re good to see how this group plays together, how it all unfolds … I’m not going to rule out anything.”

the translation: First, by Marks mentioning he has no plans to make changes, he is not, as of now, planning a significant roster move – what you see is likely what you get (or close) this season. However, Marks is certainly not ruling a deal out – there just is not a plan to overturn it further at this point.

In addition, Marks is clearly not looking to work out an extension, with DLO – or RHJ or Dinwiddie. As it stands, Mark’s wants to “see how this group plays together.”

What does he mean? That next year is a trial run, to see, now that the fat from last year is trimmed, Who Marks wants to move forward with after next year – and who he does not want to move forward with. That means every Net is under a microscope – including DLO and the other “core” players.

Next year is an evaluation year – for the whole roster. And nobody is safe for 2019-2020.


the quote: “it’s a big year for everybody.”

the translation: one way to look at this is that Marks is deflecting questions on DLO as the face of the team, to take pressure off him. Another way to look at it, is that Marks is not yet sold enough on DLO to declare him as the face of the franchise.

On signing Napier despite having DLO and Spencer:

-The Quote: “You can see what happened in the past where having depth at that position is something that we need. At any time where you’re able to add talent . . . that’s something that will help us long term.”

The Translation: First, Marks believes that having Napier helps the Nets this year. However, Napier is too good to be a third strong point guard, particularly when LeVert is on the roster. Thus, the long term reference is surprising. That could be a potential tell, in that Marks is hedging his bets on DLO and Spencer by having a third important piece in house at the position.

On Jahlil Okafor:

The Quote: “I won’t comment on Jahlil. Because he’s not here right now.”

The Translation: So long, farewell, Jah.

Marks on 2019-2020:

the quote: “I think the group we have now will certainly add to what we’re doing presently … and the sky’s the limit to the expectations a year from now.”

the translation: the Nets absolutely intend to build a contender, or the start of one, for 2019-2020. And as described above, no player is safe.

-Hat tip to the staff (Anthony Puccio and Brian Fonseca) and Brian Lewis of the NY Post, for their reporting


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