Nets Free Agency: Dallas Mavericks Edition

The Mavericks are chugging along with Dirk Nowitzki, as always.  They are not as potent as they were at his peak, or when he had more talent around him, but they have a feisty group.  Can the Nets pluck any Mavericks?  Should they?

Let’s take a look

Free Agency:

Dirk Nowitzki: Dirk is staying put in Dallas until he retires.  He could retire this season, exercise his player option, or sign an extension; but the only question, really, is if he retires or not.

Chandler Parsons: Parsons gets viewed in many lights.  He was well underpaid.  He was part of the Dallas-Houston fiasco when he defected.  He models.  Strip all of that aside, and Parsons is a good young player who can clearly help the Nets.  You need multiple talented wings to succeed in the modern NBA, and the Nets sorely lack in that area.  Parsons has a $16 million player option that he could exercise to cash in even more in 2017, or decline to get his money now. His injury may make him opt in, but his teammate, Wes Matthews, is proof you can cash in post injury. If he hits the market, he is the exact type of piece the Nets should target.

Zaza Pachulia: Pachulia is a solid big man.  He is a journeyman, but he has thrived everywhere he has gone.  At 32 years old, however, the Nets should only sign him if he desires coming on a short term deal.  At this stage of his career, I do not see Pachulia signing a 1-2 year deal unless it is with a contender.

Dwight Powell:  Powell is a young big the Nets should look at.  He gave the Mavs good minutes the first half of the year, but has become an afterthought since they added David Lee. Powell is an athlete the Nets can look at up front.  The Mavs need to decide to make him a restricted free agent via the qualifying offer, or to let him hit unrestricted free agency.

Salah Mejri: A 29 year old Tunisian big, Mejri has been fair for the Mavericks while shuffling in and out of the D-League. The Nets would be better off looking at younger options.

Deron Williams: I have a sneaky feeling he is not a target this summer.

Raymond Felton: Felton is a decent reserve point guard.  He is a player who has become a bit of a punch line, given his gun charge, weight issues, problems during his Knicks tenure, and the like, but looking past that, he is a fine reserve guard.  He, however, is on the wrong side of 30 and not a piece for the Nets to truly pursue.

David Lee: Lee is overrated for multiple reasons: he played most of his career in big cities, he excels offensively and he is cordial.  Those things conspire to overrate Lee.  Still, Lee is in decline, and is an absolute sieve on defense.  The Warriors and Celtics did not have issues with Lee the person, but after the Warriors dealt him to the Celtics at a loss just to get him some playing time, the Celtics too had no use for him.  He is not the type of piece the Nets need.

JaVale McGee: McGee has sadly devolved into a bit player after showing real promise in 2012-2013.  He plays spot minutes off the Mavericks’ bench.  McGee is the type of out there personality who needs veterans to reel him in, not the other way around: he is unlikely to be a Nets target.

Charlie Villanueva: Villanueva is the definition of a journeyman.  A defenseless, and now low upside, big, the Nets should show little interest.

Trades: The Mavericks are veteran laden and the only worthwhile pieces to pluck are hitting the market.


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