Nets-Kings: Fan Forum

In the 30th game of the season, the Nets take on the Sacramento Kings, looking to rebound from a disastrous game against Indiana. Come discuss the action in the comments!

15 responses to “Nets-Kings: Fan Forum

  1. good win though gonna be tough 2morrow i think bulls gonna be heated they blew huge lead 2nite vs indy i think butler is gonna kill us

  2. yea its like everyone is reggie miller now just let him shoot it with a hand up doesnt help he goes flying out at him

  3. Those calls are super annoying. The 3 is a huge part of the modern game and if you call fouls on flops like that, how do guys contest threes?

  4. wonder if teams are gonna start playing hacka plumlee in close games

  5. Mirza would be so much better if all his threes weren’t contested

  6. one thing that hasnt been addressed enough is we have noone that can guard an athletic 3 anyon we put on gay is a mismatch

  7. its amazing how much hes changed as a player 3 year ago if he had mcallum on him he would of taken it at him its like he has no confidence anymore

  8. Group in the third was the first time this team was fun in awhile…where has that D-Will spin move been all year?

  9. dwill and brook running a great 2 man game this was supposed to happen for years…. huge 3 jj!

  10. Jack’s 31 I believe. And he’s doing his job.

  11. need to play every game with this energy no way 45 year old kg i find it hard to believe they are gonna be able to put dwill back in the starting lineup with how well jacks playing how old is jack?

  12. Plumlee causes problems just by knowing how to rotate into space offensively.

  13. I like get into the lane Joe. Not a big fan of long three Joe.

  14. The starting 5 looks extremely comfortable as a unit. Not the world’s most talented group, but it fits together.

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