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Preseason Game 1: What Did We Learn?

The Nets first preseason game is complete: a overtime victory at the Verizon Center over the Washington Wizards. But while the result was nice, the more important thing to monitor tonight was the culture and identity the Nets are trying to develop. What type of playcaller is Coach Kidd? After a huge emphasis was placed on defense in training camp, how was the D? How did some new lineup combinations fare together? How are the Nets numerous positional battles shaping up? Here is my take.

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Want This Series? Adjustments Needed.

For the Nets, game 2 seemed different than game 3, but really was the same. The Bulls defense dominated. A Nets rally made things interesting, but was too little too late.

I have discussed it. Steve Kerr has on air, as has Sam Mitchell. Advanced stats writers like John Schuhmann have. Local media have as well. When the Nets have gone with Wallace and Evans, and Stackhouse, they have struggled. And it’s not hard to see why. The Bulls are elite defensively, and playing Wallace with Evans gives them two guys they do not have to guard. That allows the defense to send two and three defenders at Deron, Joe, and Brook on every touch: there is no worry that they will be burned. As for Stackhouse, he is simply finished as a basketball player: he has no lift and just can’t shoot straight. Why his minutes have not gone to Bogans or Brooks is a mystery.

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